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by BARGeezer
Mon, 03 Jun 19, 18:25 pm
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Topic: Estes Cosmic Interceptor
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Re: Estes Cosmic Interceptor

Coming along nicely! A big problem I had with this kit is the "glue grab" effect when installing the engine mount. That is amplified with the coupler mount as opposed to just centering rings. I humbly suggest dry fitting first and sanding if necessary to ensure a smooth fit with no binding or tightn...
by BARGeezer
Wed, 30 Jan 19, 13:51 pm
Forum: Heard around the Starport
Topic: "To Tell the Truth" vs. misrepresentation/taking advantage?
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Re: "To Tell the Truth" vs. misrepresentation/taking advantage?

Normally I just lurk, but I feel compelled to respond since I've built the Cosmos Mariner (not yet flown) AND I've purchased kits from the OP in the other thread on YORF. 1. Don't think the OP intentionally misrepresented the kit. Probably did not build it and was unaware of it's reputation. When he...