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#1 Design Improvements I

Post by Rocket Babe » Sun, 05 Jun 16, 01:23 am

As a follow up to Ted's DARS post and Bernie's thoughts about upgrading of clusters and stages, I thought I'd post a few examples here but I will need several threads to get them all in.

I want to start with a simple build that's one of Randy's favorites and it's flown many times at many fields around the South, "Space Man Spiff's Rocket Of Death." :twisted:

Spiff is a simple kit bash of 4 Estes Bull Pups. Both outboards are most of a Bull Pup including two fins and the core tube is 2 Bull Pup bt's with a larger payload bay on top. They're joined at 3 places on each side with balsa spacers. I love the tail cones!

All that was required was to build all 3 sections stock including their cones and add an engine block to each outboard the proper distance from the end of the tail cones. The cones exit had to be enlarged about 1 millimeter in diameter to make a loose fit. The engine blocks were installed to allow 1/4" of the engine to extend beyond the cone for ease of removal. It is important to note all 3 engines should extend the same distance out of the cones.

Because the Estes Bull Pup kit already requires and supplies enough clay for proper cg/cp he knew the RoD would fly just fine with or without the Spiff action figure.

Spiff can be replaced by L.E.D.'s or a glow stick for night flying. :D
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