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#11 Re: Der Saturn Max

Posted: Mon, 02 Jul 18, 02:20 am
by Rocket Babe
I'll be looking forward to the photos! Good luck! :D

#12 Re: Der Saturn Max

Posted: Tue, 03 Jul 18, 04:13 am
by Trident
bernomatic wrote:almost inspires me to start on my SAT V
You must! Since the 50th anniversary is just over a year away, you have loads of time to get it done for that commemorative launch. :)

By the way, I swear by a Tamiya tape. I had no issues masking for all the black roll patterns, even taping over corrugated panels.
You can get it at Hobby Lobby. It’s expensive, but if you never get leakage, it’s really not expensive. And you can use the 40% off coupon, assuming you are cheap, like me!

#13 Re: Der Saturn Max

Posted: Mon, 03 Sep 18, 14:07 pm
by Rocket Babe
:~salud: Lee I made Der Saturn Max my Photo Of The Month for September.

You can see it here

It will be there until October 1st.

#14 Re: Der Saturn Max

Posted: Mon, 03 Sep 18, 21:21 pm
by Commander
Congratulations Lee :photos:

You do know she's never going to stop pestering you till you launch as a cluster though, right? :lol:

#15 Re: Der Saturn Max

Posted: Mon, 03 Sep 18, 21:47 pm
by Trident

Thanks for the special recognition of the Der Saturn Max. Actually, this is a standard build, I just beefed up the motor retention. I always planned to fly on the 24/40 RMS hardware. But ...
It could be a simple addition to add 4 more motors, either 13mm or 18mm. That nose cone is surely heavy enough to be stable, but some nose weight could easily be added in the BT-80 at the top.
My big goal now is to paint my Estes Saturn 1B, and build another Estes Saturn V, to fly next July to commemorate Apollo 11’s 50th anniversary.

#16 Re: Der Saturn Max

Posted: Tue, 04 Sep 18, 00:01 am
by Rocket Babe
I wouldn't think you'd need much weight for just four additional 18mm's. Our 3 stage 11 engine Saturn V Bad Girl didn't take anymore weight than Rocket babe with a core D and 4 C's.