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#1 USS Atlantis

Posted: Fri, 10 Mar 17, 05:10 am
by Commander
I wanted to show my progress on the Atlantis, then realized I hadn't started a build thread here. I was talking about it over on YORF for a bit, because I went there looking for an original PNC-50X nose cone. Of course by that time I had most of the build completed. But I did want to also show off the stand I have been working on. I had done scrap lumber laying around and just made a quick stand or two to hold some of the rockets under construction. Cleaning the bunker, I came across some strain I bought my wife a while ago that she never used. So I decided to put it to use with some sealer I bought a couple weeks ago and tadah!
14891217160671287603632.jpg (1.02 MiB) Viewed 3522 times
As for the Atlantis herself, I have some minor blemishes to fill (that is a white primer coat), a couple flourishes to add, and the final coats and decals. She should be ready to launch sometime this spring.

#2 Re: USS Atlantis

Posted: Fri, 10 Mar 17, 05:12 am
by Commander
I wanted to add, I used the laser burned name from the balsa fin set I bought from the old SemRoc. I hope e-rockets still does that.

#3 Re: USS Atlantis

Posted: Sat, 11 Mar 17, 15:53 pm
by Rocket Babe
Is this scratch or from Sirius?

#4 Re: USS Atlantis

Posted: Sun, 12 Mar 17, 00:48 am
by Commander
Rocket Babe wrote:Is this scratch or from Sirius?

It is a scratch of the Estes USS Atlantis w/ the laser burned balsa fin set from SemRoc (Carl's SemRoc). It has been in construction for a while, like most of my classics (currently in semi complete status: Wolverine [awaiting painting, trying to give it a Russian Knights type scheme]; USS Andromeda [being painted]; Mars Snooper [primed]; Orbital Transsport [under construction]; and a Trident [in final painting].

This Atlantis is my third and the second attempt I have made in the past seven years. The first I ever made was back in 1977 and painted blue :o . That also was the one on which I learned about "pop" fins. Every launch I would have to reglue the dam nacelle back on after it popped off. The one I built a few years ago was launched unfinished (painted silver) and had a SemRoc balsa 50-X nosecone. I thought the design would be draggy and since I was at a larger field (a local chapters field), thought it wouldn't hurt to use a C6-5 in it. Well, she flew well and was last seen drifting away on her parachute into a wooded copse, the sun reflecting off the silver paint job. :(

So no, sorry to say it is not a Sirius Refit version.

Or as Scotty would say,
S C C 7 1 0 7 No bloody A, B, C, or D :mrgreen: