The Big Bertha is back in dry dock

All to often a mishap occurs and a rocket gets damaged. Find simple (and not so simple) techniques to get the bird back in the air.
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#1 The Big Bertha is back in dry dock

Post by Commander » Fri, 06 Jul 18, 23:19 pm

I was getting tired of the idiot dog climbing under the desk to lay at my feet and knocking the plug loose for the computer's power strip, so I decided to do something about it. I was (and did) going to add an extension cord so the strip could be placed on a nearby table. while under the desk, I noticed a familiar shape protruding partway from the back skirt of the desk. To my chagrin, it was the Nose Cone and top 10 cm of the body tube for the Big Bertha :shock:

Climbing out from under the desk I retrieved the rocket. I quickly checked the body tube, still round :) One fin was cracked
101_0501.JPG (617.36 KiB) Viewed 695 times
Thought I got out pretty lightly, even though the crack was going to need filling and priming and painting. Then I looked along the body tube.
101_0502.JPG (529.46 KiB) Viewed 695 times
Now I can be a little off on my fin alignments, but trust me, my CDO order would never allow me to let something like the picture above pass.
My assumption is that the cat was walking along the top of the hutch again and claiming his territory (as if... :evil: ), knocked the Bertha over behind the hutch and the July heat, humidity and pressure did the rest.
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