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#1 Estes X-Wing Fighter

Posted: Mon, 04 Apr 16, 01:57 am
by bernomatic
Not like any of us whom have had this kit have never seen this before.
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Is there a way to resolve this problem? Let's give it a shot.

#2 Re: Estes X-Wing Fighter

Posted: Thu, 14 Apr 16, 02:29 am
by bernomatic
Oh goody! We're going to play with fire again! :twisted:
That means be careful with fire :!:
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#3 Re: Estes X-Wing Fighter

Posted: Fri, 15 Apr 16, 03:19 am
by bernomatic
What we are doing in the picture above, is heating a pin and inserting the pin into the broken off laser appendage. The way shown above is not the best way to do it however. In the picture I am using a lighter and holding the pin on the laser barrel while heating it.
What would work better, is to heat the sharp point of the pin in a heat source (lighter, candle, etc.) and then quickly and carefully move it to the barrel and press it into the middle, using a rotating motion. When the pin cools down, reheat and repeat till you get a good half inch of the pin into the barrel. then withdraw the pin and set the barrel part aside.

Which ever method you use, be careful to hold the pin parallel with the longitudinal axis and as centered as possible.

#4 Re: Estes X-Wing Fighter

Posted: Sat, 07 Jul 18, 20:12 pm
by Commander
I had put this build/repair on hold until the time I buy a pin vise drill. It is unfortunate that now it looks like it may never be completed. :(

How the lower wing section ever found it's way into the dryer in a blanket I can only speculate and that is the only thing I can see having happened to the wing sections.
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#5 Re: Estes X-Wing Fighter

Posted: Mon, 09 Jul 18, 06:30 am
by luke strawwalker
Looks like a good job for a heat gun... take some work but I bet you could salvage it...

Later! OL J R :)

#6 Re: Estes X-Wing Fighter

Posted: Mon, 09 Jul 18, 20:07 pm
by Rocket Babe
Looks like Pim Ono took it easy on your ship. Usually there's little to salvage. ;) Just a FYI, she doesn't like Star Wars but the fact there was anything left at all shows she likes you.

Probably just trying to get your attention. ;)