Estes C6-5

CATO's of engines D power or less
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#1 Estes C6-5

Post by Commander » Tue, 05 Apr 16, 03:37 am

Originally posted Nov 18, 2015 by Joe Wooten on the original forum

At the last Scout launch I did on October 10th, One kid lost an Alpha 3 on a C6-5 CATO. I told him to save the engine casing and I'd help him get a new rocket, but when I turned around 45 minutes later, he and his dad were gone.
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Post by Rocket Babe » Sun, 12 Aug 18, 21:24 pm

I only responded to this post because there were like 845 views and no responses. :? :? :? So here you go.

You're welcome! :D :D :D :lol: :lol: :lol:

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