How to change your legacy... with a little help from Hollywood

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#1 How to change your legacy... with a little help from Hollywood

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When a decent person wants to change his legacy, her goes out and does good. We can look to Jimmy Carter for a prime example of this. Although he had a troubled presidency, since that time he has gone out and worked with Habitat for Humanity to help his fellow man. While I may not have a happy memory of his tenure his president. What he has done since then is to be commended. :USA:

Then there is Barack Obama. Our most recent ex-president has decided to take the way of Orwell's 1984 and rewrite the story so to speak. The former president and 1st lady Michelle Obama have invested in a new film production company, Higher Ground. The production company saw some Oscar gold this past ceremony with their documentary feature American factory. The movie is about an Ohio General Motors factory that is re-opened by Chinese investors who save American jobs. Some of the facts not evident in the movie are the role the ex-president had in the factory be closed in the first place. As we all may remember President Obama once stated those jobs aren't coming back.
Representative Mike Turner who was the former mayor of nearby Dayton, Ohio talks about some of the implications that Obama's auto bailout had on the factory back at the beginning of the recession.
A quick refresher. The Obama administration’s auto bailout highly favored the UAW and its members. The GM plant in Moraine was unionized by the IUE-CWA. So—despite being one of the top GM facilities for quality, efficiency and production in the country—it was shuttered, and its employees were put at the back of the line when requesting transfers to other GM plants. Any non-UAW employees looking to transfer were forced to start as new hires, wiping clean any wages, tenure, and benefits built up during careers at other GM plants.

The hypocrisy of this Obama-backed film is astounding. Mr. Obama fails to acknowledge his direct role in creating the hardships the Moraine workers weathered. He had nothing whatsoever to do with the plant’s reopening—that was all the work of state and local officials and community leaders.
We will have to keep an eye on this company for more documentaries which may neglect to tell the rest of the story.
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