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#1 One you might want to miss

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According to a recent article on Screen Rants, the new Ghostbusters revamp may be one to miss this season. Well at least per youtube viewers as it seems the movie's trailer has received the most "dislikes" in the history of youtube.
Ever since the full trailer for Paul Feig’s upcoming all-female Ghostbusters reboot debuted online, strong opinions both for and against its sense of humor and presentation have been flying furiously back and forth. However, it appears that those who did like the Ghostbusters trailer have been mostly drowned out, at least if simple populist metrics like “likes” and “dislikes” are to be trusted.

According to the latest available numbers as reported by ScreenCrush, the Ghostbusters reboot trailer is the most disliked trailer in the history of YouTube. As of this writing, the trailer has 508,533 dislikes, with about 28.8 million total video views recorded. That is a staggeringly high amount of dislikes when compared to total views, to the point that no other trailer even comes close to matching Ghostbusters’ hater to viewer ratio. To put that number in perspective, the full trailer for last year’s infamous bomb Fantastic Four currently has less than 8,000 dislikes.
Ghostbusters Reboot Is Most Disliked Movie Trailer Ever on YouTube

Of course the article goes onto say that there is a belief that there is a conspiracy to get that many hates and of course remarks that because the lead characters are female this time there are sexists hating it.

The answer may be more simple than that, while the original movie was iconic, the sequel left a lot to be desired and the Saturday cartoon didn't do much to help the franchise either, so can we really expect a reboot 30 years later to improve on it?
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Joe Wooten
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#2 Re: One you might want to miss

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I have yet to see a reboot of a previous hit movie be good. With all the good fiction books out there crying for a movie to be made, Hollywierd seems to only be doing reboots and sequels. I'd love to see someone do a good treatment of Poul Anderson's Dominic Flandry series.

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luke strawwalker
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#3 Re: One you might want to miss

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Agree completely. Sick and tired of shitty retreads, especially JJAbrams CRAP! Guess Hollyweird is only home to no-talent hacks anymore, as there is virtually NOTHING to inspire any confidence anymore.

I'd like to see a "comet or asteroid hits Earth" movie where the friggin' thing ACTUALLY HITS. Make a movie of Larry Niven's "Lucifer's Hammer". That was an interesting book that would make a terrific movie, though it would have to be updated slightly as some of the stuff in the book would be a little bit dated.

I liked "Deep Impact" but IMHO the real interesting part of the story is after the thing hits-- sick and tired to trite heroics that impossibly save the day at the last possible moment.

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#4 Re: One you might want to miss

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We will be won't be watching the remake, ever. Saw the previews and it looked awful!

Does that make me sexist? :lol:

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