FSI E60-6

CATO Reports for Engine Impulse Sizes E through G
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FSI E60-6

Post #1 by bernomatic » Sat, 09 Apr 16, 14:17 pm

originally posted by Joe Wooten on Nov 06, 2015 on the original Cantina
October 10, 2015
I did not save the case.

Blew out both ends at about 150 ft off the pad. I wish one of the boys had gotten a video of it.....

Oh well, next time, I still have 4-5 more......

The rocket was a little scorched, but flyable when I remount the shock cord....

Circumstances???? It was a freakin' E60!! They do not need an excuse to blow up....
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Joe Wooten
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Re: FSI E60-6

Post #2 by Joe Wooten » Sun, 10 Apr 16, 01:21 am

I just finished fixing up the sacrificial rocket for another try at an E60 launch. The scouts want to do another one this spring......

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Re: FSI E60-6

Post #3 by Ghrocketman » Thu, 28 Apr 16, 15:20 pm

The FSI E60 is the only engine I ever had the displeasure of using that had a cato rate above 50% !!!
I would estimate the cato rate to be close to 75%....I used up my remaining supply as 'large firecrackers' that I ENSURED would cato via liberal use of an "engineer's Hammer" on the sides.
How those were never decertified during their production run by NAR is a HUGE mystery to me and I suspect hi-jinx were afoot to keep that from happening.
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