Helps- Dedicated to SSgt. Ray Bushnell

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Re: Helps- Dedicated to SSgt. Ray Bushnell

Post by Rocket Babe » Wed, 28 Dec 16, 03:59 am

:D Back when Randy was a general contractor he held a sales seminar for a materials supplier he used to use back in the late 80's at a Holiday Inn across the street from a strip club called Juicy Lucy's, in Cleveland. He said about 20 of the 40 or so salesmen missed the afternoon session. When it was over he began asking around as to where they had all disappeared to and one of the older Latino men told him; "They all go to see Shu-see Lu-shee!"

Randy thought it was kind of funny but their boss didn't, so they were all fired the next day.

Are you sure you never went? ;)

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