Helps- Dedicated to SSgt. Ray Bushnell

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#11 Helps- Dedicated to SSgt. Ray Bushnell

Post by bernomatic » Fri, 08 Apr 16, 21:08 pm

originally posted Jun 13, 2015 by Commander on the original Cantina
Growing up in the 60's and 70's, military men (and women) often did not get the respect and gratitude they deserved. I lived in Lakewood, Ohio (birthplace of Teri Garr BTW) a suburb of Cleveland. In Lakewood, that bastion of liberalism, was an Ohio National Guard Armory, right on my own street. The units that used that Armory changed through the years, but included the 37th Signal Corps, the last vestige of the Ohio 37th Infantry Brigade (The Buckeyes). But when it all boiled down toward the end, the last unit to occupy the Armory was the 3rd Batt. 107th Armored Cav. Staff Sargent Ray Bushnell was an "orderly" (I can't remember the official title all these years later), although his position in the unit was Supply Sargent.
The "orderlies" were the members of the National Guard who came in on a daily basis (like a regular job) and took care of the paperwork and what not of the unit. One of the extra "duties" they could perform was to be in charge when the Armory hall was rented out. Through the years of hanging around and making nuisances of ourselves, some of us neighborhood kids got to know the orderlies and would come visit with them during these rentals. Sometimes it was a way to pick up some extra money by assisting with the cleanup and break down of tables and chairs after the event.
Ray was unique in that when he came in to do the events, he would often bring in his plastic model kits (airplanes for the most part) and work on them to pass the time. He was one of those modelers who went above and beyond creating works of art and realism I could only dream of attaining. Through the months, I was shown and picked up on certain tricks in model building from him.
I lost touch with Ray in the early 80's when the government closed and sold the Armory. The last I heard he had transferred to the Ohio Air National Guard. But I still remember and use some of the knowledge he passed to me and will pass some of it on here and hope others would add their knowledge also in respect to their mentors.
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#12 Re: Helps- Dedicated to SSgt. Ray Bushnell

Post by Rocket Babe » Wed, 28 Dec 16, 03:59 am

:D Back when Randy was a general contractor he held a sales seminar for a materials supplier he used to use back in the late 80's at a Holiday Inn across the street from a strip club called Juicy Lucy's, in Cleveland. He said about 20 of the 40 or so salesmen missed the afternoon session. When it was over he began asking around as to where they had all disappeared to and one of the older Latino men told him; "They all go to see Shu-see Lu-shee!"

Randy thought it was kind of funny but their boss didn't, so they were all fired the next day.

Are you sure you never went? ;)

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