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#11 Re: Lathe Work

Posted: Fri, 14 Jul 17, 16:56 pm
by Commander
Last weekend I completed a pair of the legs for the lathe bench. The thrill of achievement was short lived as I realized that with the heavy bench top and then the lathe, everything was still top heavy and while I might be able to bolt the lathe to the bench top, I would find the whole thing laying on its side. :(

The solution is an easy one if not for the work, but with the speed I am getting this all accomplished, it will be a while before I am turning anything in numbers.

#12 Re: Lathe Work

Posted: Fri, 28 Jul 17, 04:41 am
by Commander
The bench is coming along slowly, but this picture
IMG_20170728_001119[1].jpg (1.07 MiB) Viewed 3367 times
will show you what I am now concerned about. the two one by eights will be applied to the sides as aprons, but thenconcern is that I built it too narrow and with the weight of the lathe on top it will be top heavy. Even though it is sturdy, I may have to add some feet to the legs to keep it from tilting.

Right now it is just in test fit stage and not glued and screwed together.

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Posted: Mon, 07 Aug 17, 05:29 am
by Commander
P8060005 (2).JPG
P8060005 (2).JPG (73.5 KiB) Viewed 3346 times
Here are the legs to the bench with the additions on the bottom that cost me five stitches last week. Back to the final assembly, two weeks later.

#14 Re: Lathe Work

Posted: Thu, 17 Aug 17, 04:33 am
by Commander
Finally, All over except the turning.
P8160007.JPG (102.5 KiB) Viewed 3334 times
Well, to tell the truth, the hold down brace on the left side cracked when I was screwing in some reinforcement screws (oh the irony :roll: ) But that will be the work of five minutes tomorrow. Then I might actually turn something. :D

Then again, maybe not, I'm so tired of looking at this thing, I might take a day or two away from it.

#15 Re: Lathe Work

Posted: Sun, 20 Aug 17, 19:27 pm
by Joe Wooten
Looks good Bernie!

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Posted: Sun, 27 Aug 17, 14:49 pm
by Commander
and already I am beginning to deface it. Off camera, stage left, I have a magnetic strip attached for holding lathe accouterments. Also there is a piece of pegboard with a holder for multiple screwdrivers I am using for my turning tools. Well the magnetic strip is crowded and didn't hold certain items very well. One of those items, a rod with a ball on the end for knocking out spindles and other Morse Taper equipment would roll off. I took my drill, bored an appropriate size hole, and now the item is handy by the head of the lathe. Another item, the chuck key, due to a lack of space on the accouterments holders was just sitting on a nearby bench, waiting to get lost. A 1" spade bit and the problem was solved as the chuck key now also has a home near the head of the lathe were it will be handy when needed.

Two of the lathe tools don't fit in the holder, a large skew and a gouge. I test fitted them in the 1" chuck key hole and they fit pretty well. I haven't drilled the holes yet, I'm not sure if I want the handles sticking up in the work area.