Pruning poles

Parachutes, Streamers, GPS locators, fishing rods, and other items used to help recover your rockets.
*****Recovery from power lines of rockets is against the safety code and maybe hazardous to your health. Items trying to assist in this type of recovery will be deleted*****
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#1 Pruning poles

Post by tmacklin » Wed, 15 Jun 16, 20:37 pm

Living in the wilderness as I do presents numerous tasks not often encountered in urban areas. One of these is pruning high branches in the numerous trees on my property and so I bought a good quality, telescoping pruning pole a few years ago which has retrieved many a rocket from the upper branches of trees. I won't reach everything but will get to objects that are 16-18 feet up when fully extended...higher when one stands in the bed of a pickup truck.

And yes, one must be careful to stay away from overhead power lines, including not allowing cut branches to droop into these lines. ... /100153111

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Joe Wooten
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#2 Re: Pruning poles

Post by Joe Wooten » Fri, 17 Jun 16, 14:42 pm

I was watching a Mexican guy trim branches n a tree near power lines about 30 years ago in Granbury. Several of us yelled at him about getting too close, but he ignored everyone (no habla English). When he finally made contact with one of the lines, he got a real shock. He survived, but it blew holes in both his feet the size of a 50 cent piece.

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