Look, I know NASA needs to study astronaut health issues...

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#1 Look, I know NASA needs to study astronaut health issues...

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but does it have to remind so much of a NAZI study program?

NASA’s Twins Study Explores Space Through You: Videos Highlight Omics

All right, one key point jumps out, and another will get you after a definition.

1) TWINS, really? I mean I know that the rocket program in the late 1940's and later NASA had a lot of NAZI scientists running around, but one would hope that they were all purged by now. I understand that there is only one set of twins at this time, but this just leads to more doubt. How can you get reliable results with just one data set? and no control set at that?

2) Omics: The English-language neologism omics informally refers to a field of study in biology ending in -omics, such as genomics, proteomics or metabolomics. The related suffix -ome is used to address the objects of study of such fields, such as the genome, proteome or metabolome respectively. -Wikipedia.
This appears to be the new catch phrase for "genetics", which was a replacement for eugenics. Sure, those "smarter than us will tell you that they are different areas of study, and to be sure in the smallest detail they probable are.
If you think it can't happen here, you're wrong. Actually the eugenics that was practiced in Germany in the 30's and 40' was an export from.... yeppers, the good ole US of A. Of course the Germans refined it and took it to an extreme, but there are still areas were sterilization could be enforced by the government, if not legally, sometimes illegally. History of Forced Sterilization and Current U.S. Abuses

All right, so maybe I am overreacting. Maybe NASA does need to study twins, and maybe, just maybe, you need a shower. :twisted:
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#2 Re: Look, I know NASA needs to study astronaut health issues...

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Gotta do SOMETHING to justify that $150 billion dollar neverending boondoggle known as ISS... Guess studying twins is as good as any...

More "peeing in jars, looking at stars"... LOL:)

OL J R :)

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