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#1 Is "Rocketry Center" gone hooves up??

Posted: Sat, 02 Mar 19, 04:47 am
by luke strawwalker
I've tried to log onto "Rocketry Center" a couple times over the past few days... last time I got some contest website (rocket contest) and then today "not found on this server". Anybody know if they're still around or have they gone toe up? Shame if they did; it was good to have more rocket forums again after Newton's Third and Rocketry Planet bit the dust. Glad we still have alternatives to that Terribly Run Forum in YORF and Sagitta Cantina...

later! OL J R :)

#2 Re: Is "Rocketry Center" gone hooves up??

Posted: Sat, 02 Mar 19, 05:32 am
by bernomatic
I'm not certain, but if I remember correctly, Rocketry Center and another rocketry forum I can't recall the name of, were created shortly after I started the first iteration of the Cantina. While the old cantankerous Cantina was getting lots of new members (thanks in large part to Tmack's help in offering an incentive) because of the horrible app I was using (which was free, you get what you pay for) I think a lot of people flocked to the other new forums.

Well anyway, since I just renewed my sites in January, it would now be about the time they would have to renew also. So maybe because they weren't getting the traffic they expected and thus the ad revenue, they have let it slip back into cyberspace.

Or they could just be late in renewing the .com?

#3 Re: Is "Rocketry Center" gone hooves up??

Posted: Fri, 08 Mar 19, 06:07 am
by luke strawwalker
I checked it again the other day seemed normal, guess it was a server or registry of the domain issue...

Later! OL J R