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#1 Anatomy of a season- the 2019-20 Cleveland Browns

Posted: Sun, 08 Sep 19, 00:52 am
by Commander
Its been a long time since I've felt this great of a buzz around town before a season. Let's see how it progresses.

#2 Re: Anatomy of a season- the 2019-20 Cleveland Browns

Posted: Mon, 09 Sep 19, 04:34 am
by Commander
First game. Terrible beginning. Started with a great first possession, and down hill from there.

Over the years, there have been a lot of controversial calls by the refs against the Browns. I suppose other teams may state the same thing, but today's drubbing was just as much from the refs as from the the Titans. Well anyways the momentum shifted and we lost big.

This was a punch in the nose and a wake up call to the team. Hopefully they will recover, my optimism won't. Just means I have seen too many seasons in Cleveland with a lot of hype. This year I let myself fall prey to it. That is because they do have the pieces. but as I texted my son after the third pre-season game, "they look rusty." I remember back a few coaches ago, I think it was Romeo Crennel, who had the player during practices run full bore, then at the last pull up on blocks, tackles and runs. I believe this affected the play during regular games and maybe threw off the timing. Not having the first string play in that 4th pre-season game this year may have done something similar.

Post game comment heard the most, "it's just one game." How many times over the years have Cleveland fans heard that? Too many.

A little deflated, but still holding out hope for the season.

Final Score Titans 43, Browns 13
Season 0-1

#3 Re: Anatomy of a season- the 2019-20 Cleveland Browns

Posted: Fri, 04 Oct 19, 22:15 pm
by bernomatic
Posting a couple of weeks late, been busy at day job. To catch up:

9/16 Monday Night Football! Browns at the NY Jets
The brown's seem to due well on Monday Night Football, and this night was no exception. They did well, but not super great.
Still too many penalties.

Final Score Browns 23, Jets 3

9/22 Rams at Cleveland
A lot of people were deflated by this game. I actually thought they looked more cohesive. Things were coming together but not yet.
It gonna be an up and down season.

Final Score Rams 20, Browns 13

Sunday Night 9/29 Browns at Ravens
ho boy! this is more like what we expected at the beginning of the season. The Browns really took control in the second half. The media are trying to stir controversy by claiming Odell Beckham Jr. is going to start getting mouthy because he didn't get enough..... I say that he knows he's going to start getting a lot more once other things start opening up and become consistent. Opponents won't be able to double cover/ focus on Odell if Baker keeps spreading the wealth.
Brown's atop the AFC North, but for how long?

Final Score Browns 40, Ravens 25

I'll close on this, They may be at 500, but they are 2-0 on the road and 0-2 at home. :? Trust me, that is gonna change.

#4 Re: Anatomy of a season- the 2019-20 Cleveland Browns

Posted: Fri, 04 Oct 19, 23:07 pm
by bernomatic
I decided to take the time and continue this after visiting YORF for the first time in about a month. I noted that a certain rocketman was baiting me about the Browns and the 2019 NFL season. First off, in regards to that city up north, they ain't doing much better. Second, in regards to GH's decision making on the prowess of football teams, just take a look at the college level rivalry we often discuss and his record in that regard over the years.

As far as the Brown's are concerned, I ain't holding out much hope for a Super Bowl (don't know how Uncle Ted got that notion in his head. Jim Brown is still alive and kicking*) but would really love to see a season north of 500%.

*There is an old Cleveland legend I heard someplace. In that fable, the famous running back Jim Brown of the Cleveland Browns was in Europe filming the movie the Dirty Dozen. Filming ran late and Jim Brown wasn't expected to make it back for the beginning of the 1966 football training camp. Art Modell, then owner of the Browns threatened to fine Jim Brown for every week of camp he missed. Brown, who had previously said that 1966 would be his last season announced his retirement, instead. The belief is that Jim Brown went on to say he would never see the Browns in a championship game again. :shock:

#5 Re: Anatomy of a season- the 2019-20 Cleveland Browns

Posted: Sat, 12 Oct 19, 21:03 pm
by bernomatic
10/7 Monday Night Football! Browns at the Forty-Niners
Well, so much for doing well on Monday Night. :roll: The Browns got their asses handed to them, the only bright spot is that it should have been worse. The defense did what they could, but were asked to hold for too long. The bounces didn't go our way (for a perfect example, see the highlight showing the interception which ricocheted off Brown's receiver Calloway for an interception.)
:>>>>:X: :>>>>:X: :>>>>:X: :>>>>:X:

At the beginning of the season, a lot of talking heads stated that Cleveland had a rough start to the season in their first 7 games, well they weren't wrong there. I would be happy with 3-4 record rolling into the last half of the season.

Final Score Browns3, Forty-Niners 31
Season 2-3