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#1 What does the Chinese Flu have to do with getting a new pair of glasses?

Posted: Sat, 21 Mar 20, 22:23 pm
by bernomatic
I've been needing a new pair of glasses :geek: for a while now. Had to keep putting it off for one reason or another, but at the end of last year the company switched medical insurance plans. I had not signed up for the vision option previously, but decided to add it this go around. It wouldn't take effect til January, but I figured I could wait. Due to the switch, we had also switched the Health Savings Account company. I decided to hold off getting the glasses till I had a little in the HSA to cover an upgrade in frames from the typical garbage they give as the "standard" frames. My last pair of glasses, which I had upgraded lasted about twice as long as the no payment pair (actually they have lasted much longer and if it weren't because of issues with the lenses, I wouldn't really care about getting a new pair right now)

Well, I called about the third week of February to make an appointment with a listed provider. After some discussion, the earliest they could see me was March 30. :?: :?: Not the best service,m but then not totally unexpected. Time to start waiting. :>>>>:X: :ugeek:

I got a call this past Thursday from the optician's office. I was informed that they were canceling all appointments until after April 4, due to the current kung flu pandemic. Not exactly sure why this was necessary as I have never really seen an optician's office packed with people, but hey, what the heck, I guess the six or eight masks they may wear a day are better put to use elsewhere. So I said okay, when could they re-schedule me?
Well sir, our next available appointment is.....

May 5th
Say what? I replied. :twisted:

Yes, they were going to bump me (and all other patients affected) to the back of the line. :twisted: :twisted:

:claw: Vision Works

So today I decided to call Wally World's Vision Center (not under my vision plan, but the wife works for Wally and gets a discount which I can use).
"Hello, I would like to make an appointment for an eye exam"
"Sorry sir, our optician is on vacation until next Saturday."
"okay, well do I need an appointment?"
"You would have to talk to the doctor after next Saturday"
"All right, you are a full service facility? i can get an exam and glasses made, right?"
"No sir, we are not doing the glasses right now because of the woo hoo flu except for emergencies."

The best I could get out of the fine, helpful, employee :puke: was that for some reason the vision labs were not making lenses so that they could help combat the evil Chinese Flu.

#2 Re: What does the Chinese Flu have to do with getting a new pair of glasses?

Posted: Sun, 22 Mar 20, 15:22 pm
by bernomatic
I can't seem to get eyeglasses but...
The National Abortion Federation (NAF) predictably released a statement on March 17 calling on “leaders [to] treat outpatient abortion providers as essential businesses” and calling elective abortion “an essential health service.” Can you imagine? The whole world is saying to shut down everything and they want to be sure the abortion factories run at full throttle.
A Canadian article on the impact of the coronavirus on daily life featured quotes from abortionists defending the abhorrent practice that is elective 98.3 percent of the time as “essential.”

“We do not see abortion services as elective,” said the executive director of a Toronto abortion clinic. “They are an essential service, and our goal is to maintain operations while maintaining staff and client safety as much as possible.” That clinic made the “heartbreaking decision” to no longer allow patients in to bring a support person.
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