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I have noticed too many topics, political, social and other, especially on other forums, where the pugilists look at things either as Right or Wromg, evil vs. good, Black or White.

In dealing with life in general, or focused on politics, individuals have focused on whether or not they agree with one particular issue versus an opponent. Thus we get situations were certain young individuals are siding with Progressives because, for example, they feel bad about families being separated. due to this issue, they are willing to throw the baby out with the bath water. While in other aspects Trump's administration has empowered them oh so much more as individuals. To take the previous example, each individual now has the ability, due to the tax decreases and additional in pocket income , to give through the numerous agencies popping up all across America, a part of THEIR paycheck to help these individuals in need at the border.

I could rail on about the border issue, but that is not the main issue with this point. That in and of itself is in reality a very simple issue. To wit, border jumpers are 100% law breakers. Even those "coming to improve themselves and their future" are breaking a half dozen or so laws. from the minor misdemeanor of unauthorized border crossing, to using others or fictitious social security numbers to gain employment. They are law breakers at all sorts of levels. To state that we should just let them in is disingenuous. we already have a means to LEGALLY admit people to the country.

To get back on point, and make it succinct, d those of the younger generations just look to simplify and/or expedite matters by looking for a "social" answer which gives them exculpatory responsibility in agreeing or disagreeing with issues in the public venue? Does today's "Google Generation" just look for an answer by asking Siri/Alexa/Cortana to do the "research for them and then take the response as gospel?
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