What should the Space Forces Officer Ranks Be?

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Should the new Space Force use:

Naval Officer Rankings
Army/Marine/Air Force Officer Rankings
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Other Ranking Designations from Sci-Fi or other source (tell us below)
New Ranking Designations
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#11 What should the Space Forces Officer Ranks Be?

Post by Commander » Mon, 20 Aug 18, 03:30 am

In Consideration of the Starport and Cantina instituting member ranks, I was wondering if anybody thought about how the Officer Ranks should be designated.

Most would assume the Naval ranks of the wet navy and/or Coast Guard, since this seems to be the typical Sci-Fi convention. However certain 50's thought would have brought it under the Air Force nomenclature. Then again we could end up with a two part type system akin to the Navy with the Marines, where certain space force divisions used one while different divisions used the other.

If you could, would you create a new ranking system? and if so, what would it be?
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