Sanctuary Cities are to help Law Enforcement?

Stories of our government yearning to show how great and helpful they are with their heads up their hind-sides, and you just wishing they would go away!
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#1 Sanctuary Cities are to help Law Enforcement?

Post by bernomatic » Sun, 30 Dec 18, 02:05 am

Cpl. Ronil Singh of the Newman, California Police Department pulled Gustavo Perez Arriaga over for suspected drunken driving. Shortly thereafter, Singh lie dying on the side of the road while Arriaga tried to make his way back to Mexico.

California's Sanctuary Law puts limits on the cooperation between state and federal immigration officials. One of the reasons given for this type of sanctuary law is that if we didn't have them, it would put a "chilling effect" on illegal aliens speaking and helping law enforcement. Such are the inane views of those who wish to help illegal aliens before assisting our own countrymen.

And so we see the fruits of this ill advised "sanctuary" statute, not only did a law enforcement officer not go home to his wife and children, but also other illegal aliens here and being protected by the sanctuary law lied to law enforcement to help protect their own. These illegals have no allegiance to the United States, nor even to the State of California which helps them in their lawlessness. They would rather help their "home boys" and obviously have no fear of law enforcement individuals in these United States...

Including those employed in sanctuary locals.
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