"How well is that working?"

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#1 "How well is that working?"

Post by bernomatic » Sat, 21 Apr 18, 15:40 pm

Kansas's Secretary of State has decided to defend the second amendment in his gubernatorial race, and has put forth a challenge to the students protesting the Second Amendment.
“I have an idea: Instead of walking out of class, why don’t you stay in class and spend that half hour studying the history of the 2nd Amendment? You might learn something,”
Of course this would not follow progressive protesting procedures in two ways:

1) It would not disrupt normal activities
2) It would be engaging our young with learning and understanding

So we know it would never occur.

The candidate also went on to say..
“We defend our president with guns, we defend our courtrooms with guns, we defend our banks with guns, we defend our celebrities in Hollywood with guns, but we defend our children with a sign that reads ‘This is a gun-free zone,'” Kobach said. “How well is that working?”
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#2 Re: "How well is that working?"

Post by Joe Wooten » Thu, 26 Apr 18, 23:59 pm

Many school districts in Texas have armed teachers. I know of two right off the top of my head - Harrold ISD, and Medina ISD. They proudly advertise it too.

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#3 Re: "How well is that working?"

Post by luke strawwalker » Fri, 27 Apr 18, 20:52 pm

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