A sanctuary County in Illinois

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#1 A sanctuary County in Illinois

Post by bernomatic » Thu, 21 Jun 18, 05:21 am

"Hey Bern", you may be saying, "I think you may have posted this in the wrong place." But nope, it's in the right place. :o

In an effort to combat anti-2nd amendment politicians, of which Illinois has quite a few, At least one county is fighting back, using the progressives own tactics against them.
Effingham County, Illinois, Now a ‘Sanctuary’ for Gun Owners

By: Robert Davis

The Effingham County (Illinois) Board adopted a largely symbolic resolution declaring it a sanctuary for gun owners and directing its employees not to enforce any new law that would “unconstitutionally restrict the Second Amendment.”
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#2 Re: A sanctuary County in Illinois

Post by luke strawwalker » Fri, 22 Jun 18, 00:29 am

HA!! I love it!!!

Either we have the rule of law or we have the law of the jungle... The two are mutually exclusive of each other, no matter how many libtards want to have it both ways...

When we pick and choose which law's to obey, then it's up to whomever is choosing... Unless of course you want totalitarianism, where some single person or group gets to choose and everybody else is stuck with it, which honestly for all their talk about freedom libtards are perfectly fine with that, so long as THEY are the ones doing the choosing...

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#4 Re: A sanctuary County in Illinois

Post by Joe Wooten » Sat, 30 Jun 18, 03:18 am

You should see how some of the local snowflakes melting down over this. They are demanding the state take action to override this "dangerous act". For the children of course....

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