Gun Owners Call for Nixing NICS and Taking the FBI to Court

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#1 Gun Owners Call for Nixing NICS and Taking the FBI to Court

Post by Commander » Tue, 28 Aug 18, 02:36 am

The NICS program has gained notoriety over the years for producing false positives that ultimately infringe on the rights of law-abiding gun owners.
Many apologists of the current federal gun control status quo argue bills like Fix-NICS are necessary for streamlining the background check process.
But as any dedicated gun rights activist knows, “streamline” is D.C. speak for expanding government overreach.
Not only have enhanced background checks failed to reduce crime, they also add another layer of red-tape preventing law-abiding citizens from defending themselves. And the laws hit minorities and the impoverished especially hard.
The dangers of false positives could be enhanced with the recent expansion of the NICS background check system. Government is the only entity on the planet that is rewarded with more money and resources after its repeated failures, and the spiderweb of government red-tape only tightens as its power grows, generating more incompetency and inefficiency. It’s the nature of the government beast.
It’s unacceptable that faceless bureaucracies have unchecked power in denying people their right to self-defense.
It’s also disturbing that our rights are at the mercy of incompetent bureaucrats. Why should we continue conceding more rights to corrupt hacks who struggle to keep us safe?
This espouses too much common sense for any liberal. Another reason that we won't see an end to NICS is that it's the NRA's baby :o :o That's right, the NRA helped create the background check garbage to appease the anti-gun nuts and those politicians who wanted to appear more "sane" on the gun issue. The refrain of common sense gun laws is anathema to our freedom. The only laws concerning guns should be concerning what happens when you are convicted of a crime while using a gun. :cc:

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