Two Tours in Vietnam and Still Too Young to Buy a .22 Rifle

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#1 Two Tours in Vietnam and Still Too Young to Buy a .22 Rifle

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This is how hypocritical our government is and has been.
Bell returned to a time and place where you had to be 21 to drink, vote, or buy a rifle.
I imagine if you told the Democrats that we had to restrict voting til the individual was twenty-one, they'd flip their lids. These paradox still exists today, My son while stationed with the Navy in Florida recently, could neither legally own a gun or drink alcohol.
“I tried to buy a .22 at the Coast to Coast in Lander but they refused, saying I was too young. I told them I just back from Vietnam. I’d fired M60s, 50 cals, grenade launchers, and BARs, but they wouldn’t do it. I was furious,” Bell recalled. “My mom calmed me down outside. She went back in and bought the rifle for me.”
Imagine the humiliation of having to have your mother buy a rifle for you. :evil: Try telling a democrat that Mommy or Daddy should have to buy their minor daughter's contraception for them because they are underage and again an eruption would ensue.

The rest of story of Aloysious Bell of Beaver Creek is very interesting, give it a read.

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