Banning Bumpstocks, doing good or feeling good?

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#1 Banning Bumpstocks, doing good or feeling good?

Post by bernomatic » Sat, 30 Mar 19, 01:35 am

If you've ever listened to Dennis Prager of the online institute Pragar University, you may know that one of the ways he says you can tell a leftist (as opposed to a liberal) from a conservative is by their approach to helping people. A leftist or progressive, he states, does things that make you FEEL good, while a conservative does things that DO good.

One example we can look at is the recently enacted "bump=stock ban". This ban, in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting and thrown to the peasant's to appease them, will do little if anything to stop any "mass shootings". The item was mostly a novelty item for any Rambo type gun owner. True gun owners pretty much steered clear of them as the use of a bump stock made aimed fire almost impossible and only upped the rate of fire. In other words, you could send a lot of lead down range, but your chances of hitting anything drastically dropped. The biggest problem with trying to ban such an item is the fact that the same effect can be achieved by using a belt loop or pants pocket. I guess that will be the next step, banning people from wearing jeans. Thus the obvious result is that the government is just trying to make us feel good, that they are doing something about "mass shootings" and keeping us safe.

Theresa Mull, Editor of Gunpowder Magazine states,
Banning bump stocks doesn’t affect most gun owners, and most of them don’t care about bump stocks, but the precedent such action sets, especially at the federal level, is significant. There is a bigger reason why bump stocks matter. Why do we need the federal government and state governments in the business of regulating, banning, and otherwise meddling with gun accessories? Isn’t it bad enough they are banning guns and magazines left and right?
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Shall we make ourselves defenseless in the face of someone wishing to do us harm? We can see how well banning guns has stopped crime in other places. Also we can note how the "slippery slope" created by these restrictions on our freedoms isn't enough for politicians (in London, England, they were even considering a knife ban after their gun ban didn't stop all attacks). As for now,
So, unfortunately, it looks like bump stocks will meet their fate across the country very quickly. Politicians will pat themselves on the back, and they will tell grieving parents that something was done. But in the end, more gun control will not stop the violence one bit, and it will not make people safer.
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#2 Re: Banning Bumpstocks, doing good or feeling good?

Post by luke strawwalker » Sat, 30 Mar 19, 04:24 am

It's treating the symptoms rather than the disease. The PROBLEM is these mass shootings and what triggers them.... How they're accomplished is at best a distance second concern, because we've seen on other countries where guns are severely restricted or outlawed that mass attacks still occur, only using vehicles or bombs or other illegal means, including firearms. The CAUSE needs to be addressed, not just the means, elsewise the same thing will happen with alternate methods ...

Unfortunately, addressing the fundamental cause, the fact that life is no longer valued and is considered cheap and therefore whatever grievance they have is justified, would require assessing the positions and underpinnings of or entire society, from things like first person shooter games and the cherished media and entertainment industries and the violence therein, to such sacrosanct liberal "freedoms" that devalue life like partial birth abortions and interestingly malevolent "by any means necessary" position that the ends justify the means in forwarding and pursuing their agenda. NONE of those things is going to happen, though, because they're liberal "sacred cows" and would have to cause serious reassessment of many of their most basic core positions and beliefs ... And we can't have that!

So let's ban guns and bump stocks and chip away at the edges and pretend we doing something meaningful while the rot continues unabated and unaddressed ...

Typical libtards ...

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#3 Re: Banning Bumpstocks, doing good or feeling good?

Post by Commander » Sat, 30 Mar 19, 18:18 pm

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