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#1 I found some more information on Createx Paints

Posted: Thu, 01 Nov 18, 22:42 pm
by bernomatic
I've had them for a while, but about the end of August, I found some additives from Createx paints, It all looks promising, with the 4030 "Balancing Clear" yielding nice results. Theses additives are for use with all the Createx Paints Products (Wicked Colors, candy2O, Airbrush Colors, et al).

It looks like Createx is raising the ante by making information easier to find also on this web page

#2 Re: I found some more information on Createx Paints

Posted: Mon, 12 Nov 18, 08:46 am
by bernomatic
After a couple of weeks messing around with the Createx stuff (both Air Colors, Wicked Colors and some additives), I have some some good news.

The major news is in regards to their additive 4030 "Balancing Clear".
Createx 4030 Balancing Clear.jpg
Createx 4030 Balancing Clear.jpg (3.44 KiB) Viewed 625 times
This item, per the web page.
4030 Balancing Clear - A non-catalyzed, polyurethane, water-based clear.

Mix 4030 Balancing Clear 10 - 25% per volume or more with Createx Airbrush Colors for improved performance on non-porous, hard surfaces.
4030 mixed with Createx Airbrush Colors or any Createx Colors paint creates an acrylic-urethane paint which greatly improves spray performance.
4030 works as an adhesion promoter when mixed with Createx Airbrush Colors, perfect for painting plastics, vinyl and most any surface that is difficult for paint to adhere to.
Createx Airbrush Colors air-dry to a much more durable coating when mixed with 4030 Balancing Clear.
4030 also works as a protective inter-coat when applied over Createx Airbrush Colors. Reduce 10% 4012 when applying 4030 as an inter-coat.
4030 appears milky in solution, dries clear. Colors dry to a satin finish when mixed with 4030.
What this all boils down to is this, a lot of the hassles and concerns in the use of the airbrush colors are now a thing of the past, if they are mixed with this additive. For model rocketeers the main benefit is that the finish is much more durable with a minimum to no heat curing. I have yet to clear coat with future or another clear coat, but the paint does resist scratches and scraps better now. On the other hand, the 4030 can be used alone (suggested 10% dilution with Createx's 4012 thinner) as a finish final coat.

I found I could fine sand with much better results and was able to smooth and blend blemishes easier than with out the additive. This would appear to give me more versatility in repairs and blending. We'll see as we get into this more.