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#1 USS Andromeda

Posted: Tue, 19 Jun 18, 04:41 am
by bernomatic
So as any longtime visitor to the Starport, or even YOLF may be able to you or knows, I have been in the process of building a clone of the Estes USS Andromeda for about eight years. This is a labor of love and not to be rushed. I have already had to restart from scratch once previously when the rocket fell from its perch and pushed the engine holder clip forward ripping the engine mount tube, which is the smaller diameter body tube running almost the full length of the rocket.

Any ways, after trying the Createx Colors paints and not having any luck, I decided to try it with the Brodak Dope. This past Saturday I took it outside and started spraying. I used the GH concoction thinner of 35% MEK, 35% xylene and 30% Acetone in a two parts dope to one part thinner ratio.

The first two coats seemed to go on well, but I run into trouble with the third. I don';t know what exactly happened on that third coat, but there was a fuzzy layer to the coat as if the paint was drying to quickly while still in the air. There is no real damage, but instead of just a light sanding and couple of additional coats, it looks like I while need to sand smooth, though not necessarily down to the primer before re-coating.

The temperature that day was climbing along with the humidity which was hoovering around 65% when I finished spraying.

In addition, I would suggest anyone spraying dope, especially thinned dope, clear their airbrush between coats. The thinner really does a job to the rubber o-rings. At least in my Master air brushes.

#2 Re: USS Andromeda

Posted: Thu, 21 Jun 18, 15:48 pm
by luke strawwalker
Orange peel... Bane of old car painters back in the days of lacquer... The solvents are too "hot" and evaporate quickly, making for "dry spray"... Sounds like you had a good recovery....

What happened to the createx stuff?

Later! OL J R

#3 Re: USS Andromeda

Posted: Thu, 21 Jun 18, 22:18 pm
by bernomatic
I'm still using it, just on smaller stuff than a 4' long rocket. I did the MPC Tauraus-1 in Createx. I have pictures, actually too many pictures and am not too good at organizing this stuff.

#4 Re: USS Andromeda

Posted: Sat, 23 Jun 18, 23:04 pm
by bernomatic
Here's some pictures after the painting last week.
101_0434.JPG (555.74 KiB) Viewed 2227 times
101_0435.JPG (534.56 KiB) Viewed 2227 times
101_0436.JPG (546.76 KiB) Viewed 2227 times