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#1 Consistency and Clean-up, the bogey boos of air brushing

Posted: Sun, 04 Nov 18, 20:01 pm
by Commander
The major complaints I have with airbrushing are the titled issues. With so much of my time being eaten up with other more important things, it is an effort to find the time to finish (read paint) the rockets I have started.

In regards to the first issue, rattle cans share a few of the concerns when it comes time to paint. Temperature, humidity and proper paint mixture (when using them, I have found making sure you shake, rattle and roll the can for at least the directed one minute helps with the consistency problem, and longer times yield superior results) will affect your paint job even to a lessor when brush painting. Couple those with determining what size nozzle; thinning ratio; air pressure and you have a major learning curve.

The latter issue is just a pain and needs no additional explanation, unless you are a masochist. Suffice it to say that unless you take the proper steps, your next trek into air brushing will be filled with more cussing as you strip the airbrush and clean it (if possible) before beginning to paint.