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#1 Troubles with the Airbrush (and Dog 3)

Posted: Wed, 22 Feb 17, 05:10 am
by bernomatic
On Saturday, I dragged everything outside and was giving the Andromeda a coat of black Dope. What with the test I did with the dope after finally mixing up some GHinner (GH's thinner cockktail), I changed my mind back to doing the Andromeda in dope. But this thread isn't about that.

While shooting, Dog 3 took off toward the front yard fence to let someone walking down the sidewalk know that he was on duty. Dog 3, Hank, a black lab mix, isn't as astute as the other dogs in the first place and was obviously distracted and ran right through the air hose. Well that's ok, the hose is strong and it didn't even notice the strain as it ripped the airbrush out of my hand and dashed it onto the cement walk.

Besides all the dope being spilt out, I picked the airbrush and pushed the trigger. I was a bit confused as only a little bit of the remaining paint came out the nozzle, and I felt a strong breeze on the back of my hand. After a bit of confusion, I finally figured out what had happened. The base of the airbrush, where the air hose connects to the brush, had cracked and almost broken off. Only a little of the compressed air was reaching the nozzle.

Well I thought I was going to have to scrap the brush for parts and wait a few weeks to order a new one. Then I had an idea. Maybe this once, finally after so many failures with me, the JB Weld would work? Well I cleaned the airbrush up the best I could and filed around the seam, mixed up the JB Weld and applied it. Then probably the most important thing, I went to bed. Yes I wanted to test it after the minimum set time to see if it would hold, but no, I instead went to bed. Yesterday I hooked the airbrush up to the compressor and tested it. I found out that the crack was a little more extensive than I originally thought, but the airbrush was working. I mixed up another batch of the epoxy and applied it to the additional cracks, then set the airbrush aside. Today I tested it again and all seems to be working properly. An application of some soapy water showed no bubbles. :)

JB Weld has finally worked for me :!:

Now of course you understand, that doesn't mean I'm not buying the new air brush. ;)

#2 Re: Troubles with the Airbrush (and Dog 3)

Posted: Wed, 22 Feb 17, 13:39 pm
by bernomatic
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So, really I despise epoxies. I rarely have had them work for me. It's not that I don't want them to work, it's just when I need them to work the most, they fail miserably.

This time we shall see, but so far, so good.

#3 Re: Troubles with the Airbrush (and Dog 3)

Posted: Thu, 23 Feb 17, 03:55 am
by luke strawwalker
I like JB Weld for some jobs...

I had the window glass come loose from the window frame inside the door of the pickup one time. Mixed up some JB Weld, glopped it into the window frame inside the door, slid the bottom edge of the glass down into it, and presto-- no problems since.

It's good for some things, not so good for others, but overall if you use it like it was intended, it works pretty well.

Later! OL J R :)

#4 Re: Troubles with the Airbrush (and Dog 3)

Posted: Sun, 04 Nov 18, 20:01 pm
by bernomatic
Just a quickie update, the JB Weld is still holding over a year and a half later. I admit I haven't used that particular airbrush that much, but when I do I am experiencing no problems.