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#1 Why Americans hate the swamp

Posted: Thu, 09 May 19, 13:16 pm
by bernomatic

Today is an example of why Congress' approval rating is 20 percent.

It doesn't take a polling expert to tell you that a majority of Americans want Washington to work on solving problems that make their lives better, not on advancing their own Beltway careers through noisy, never-ending spectacles of partisan theater.

Americans know the drill by now: Careerist politicians yell. They hold hearings. They call on witnesses. They make themselves look busy. And then they do nothing of actual substance to help the very people who elected them in the first place.

No ordinary citizen thinks for a second that Congressional Democrats are making a principled stand for a Constitution they readily ignored through eight years of Obama Administration executive overreach. Voters see how the political establishment treats the Constitution as a tool of convenience—useful to praise at times, then easily ignored when it gets in the way. Everyone knows today’s performance is about one thing only: power.

Congressional Democrats don't even pretend to care about governing anymore. Not fixing our broken immigration system. Not rebuilding infrastructure. Not jobs. Not trade. Not manufacturing. Not anything the American people want and need Washington to help fix.

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders released a statement today in response to House Democrats’ ongoing refusal to accept the conclusions of the Mueller Report—and, by extension, their refusal to accept the legitimacy of the 2016 election. It reads in part:
The American people see through Chairman Nadler’s desperate ploy to distract from the President’s historically successful agenda and our booming economy. Neither the White House nor Attorney General Barr will comply with Chairman Nadler’s unlawful and reckless demands . . . The American people deserve a Congress that is focused on solving real problems like the crisis at the border, high prescription drug prices, our country’s crumbling infrastructure, and so much more.
Donald J. Trump is President largely because Americans couldn’t stand another minute of Washington’s do-nothing, business-as-usual, insider political circus. Today, in the halls of the United States Congress, the swamp proved that it hasn’t listened to a single word of it.
See the Press Secretary’s full statement.

#2 Re: Why Americans hate the swamp

Posted: Thu, 09 May 19, 13:17 pm
by bernomatic
The answer?

Term limits for Congress

#3 Re: Why Americans hate the swamp

Posted: Wed, 15 May 19, 13:13 pm
by Joe Wooten
bernomatic wrote:
Thu, 09 May 19, 13:17 pm
The answer?

Term limits for Congress
Then the first act of a truly new Congress shoud be to eliminate ALL benefits, like medical, pension, etc for ALL elected officials. Make being elected to the house, senate and President a non-career position.

#4 Re: Why Americans hate the swamp

Posted: Sat, 18 May 19, 00:28 am
by bernomatic
In a Bill Whittle Now podcast, they were talking about Idaho's regulatory concerns. It seems that in Idaho they have a sunset rule and all state regulations expire July 1 of that year unless they are voted to continue in the state legislature's session. This year that didn't happen.

Per an article in The Bridge
The situation came about due to the somewhat unconventional nature of Idaho’s regulatory process. Each year, the state’s entire existing body of regulations expires unless reauthorized for an additional year by the legislature. In most years, reauthorization happens smoothly, but not this year.

Instead, the legislature wrapped up an acrimonious session in April without passing a rule-reauthorization bill. As a result, come July 1, some 8,200 pages of regulations containing 736 chapters of state rules will expire. Any rules the governor opts to keep will have to be implemented as emergency regulations, and the legislature will consider them anew when it returns next January.
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Now with a few tweaks, this would be a spectacular to add to any governmental body's onus. Keeping them busy with just trying to hold the status quo ends the mindless crap that they seem to come up with to make themselves look busy.

So my rules for a great sunset law provision are:
  1. you can not renew the rules, regulations en banc (no saying everything is renewed, next)
  2. Certain items which pass the legislature with a large yea vote (90% and no executive veto?) are exempt.
  3. Except for the above items, everything else must go
  4. The house cleaning should be done less frequently than on a yearly basis (say with every new governor election?)

Any additions anyone would care to add? :idea: