Going to Space to Benefit Earth (Full Event Replay)

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#1 Going to Space to Benefit Earth (Full Event Replay)

Post by Commander » Sat, 11 May 19, 21:02 pm

On May 9, 2019, our founder discussed his vision to go to space to benefit Earth.

In addition, he also announced the Blue Moon lunar lander, which is capable of taking people and payloads to the lunar surface. Below you’ll find more information about these announcements.
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Blue Moon lunar lander: Blue Origin announced Blue Moon, its large lunar lander capable of delivering multiple metric tons of payload to the lunar surface based on configuration and mission. The cargo variant revealed today can carry 3.6 metric tons to the surface. We have also designed a variant of the lander that can stretch to be capable of carrying a 6.5-metric-ton, human-rated ascent stage. Blue also announced it can meet the current Administration's goal of putting Americans on the Moon by 2024 with the Blue Moon lunar lander.

BE-7 engine: The Blue Moon lunar lander will be powered by the BE-7 engine, a new addition to Blue Origin’s family of engines. The BE-7’s 40 kN (10,000 lbf) thrust is designed for large lunar payload transport. The engine’s propellants are a highly-efficient combination of liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen. The BE-7 will have its first hotfire this summer. The engine will be available for sale to other companies for use in in-space and lander applications.

Club For the Future: A non-profit founded by Blue Origin dedicated to inspiring and engaging the next generation of dreamers and space entrepreneurs as we journey to preserve Earth and unlock the potential of living and working in space. The Club will bring together K-12 students, educators and leaders for campaigns and initiatives utilizing Blue Origin’s unique access to space. The Club’s first activity will be to send a postcard to space and back on a future New Shepard mission—the first ever space mail. Learn more on the website (www.clubforfuture.org). Follow @ClubforFuture on Twitter and Instagram.

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#2 Re: Going to Space to Benefit Earth (Full Event Replay)

Post by bernomatic » Sat, 11 May 19, 22:00 pm

I'm not really hyped about the first part of the talk, reminiscent of climate change alarmisim. The problem with those predicting doom and gloom in the future is they never fully take into account the ingenuity of mankind. They tend to focus on what is the current technology even when describing future technologies. To stand and state that future power needs might be met by solar cells covering Nevada is to show an inability to fully grasp the way man has changed over the centuries.

On the other hand, when Jeff Bezos starts to discuss the future and the advantages of being in space, he can be very encouraging. I like that better. I do have to mention that he didn't quite get the part about the O'Neill cylinder history fully right. Herman Oberth had a very similar idea in 1954. Also , one might consider a Dyson sphere as an oversized version.
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