Politics as unusal?????

What we have all come to expect and love/detest from our employees that ignore us
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#1 Politics as unusal?????

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It's not that I am ignoring the myriad stories from across our great nation, it's just that it seems that politics has become so polarized that no matter what I mention, those approving of the president are going to support him and those opposing the president are going too name call and trash him. The small percentage of people with no opinion generally aren't going to respond at all and just sit on the fence as usual while benefitting from the President Trump's policies.

And that is the crux of the issue. After all this time and the fact that the economy (for "whatever" reason) is doing so well, people are still focusing on the character issues they perceive as going to be Donald Trump's demise. His base notes them and ignores them to their own peril, but the opposition harps on them and tries and elevate them to a treasonous level. Of course for all those progressives, their rampant disregard of moral issues in the past ("I did have sex with that woman") has come back to haunt them in that we were told that these kind of things are so petty and so last year. Well they can't have it both ways.

Still, as the president's agenda is slowly being advanced, most cannot help but notice there is a change in the attitude of the majority of Americans.

In conclusion, I am not sure if we are winning, But I damn well know that we are definitely not losing. :!:
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#2 Re: Politics as unusal?????

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I'm sick to DEATH of politics... this total witch hunt against Trump is the reason why we've got the crop of losers and scumbags in gubmint that we have... so long as they go along with the "status quo" and the "party line" their side will "protect" them... but when a guy comes in trying to "do the right thing" (regardless on whether you believe what they're doing is actually the 'correct' thing to do or not-- you gotta admire the fact that he's trying to do SOMETHING to improve things)... But when you stand against the "usual group of idiots" you get attacked from BOTH sides...

I don't agree with everything Trump says and does, but I **DO** know this-- it's 10,000% better than the "usual idiot" he replaced...

I've said it before and I'll say it again-- what this country needs is a good enema... "drain the swamp" indeed...

Later! OL J R :)
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