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#1 Cleaning House

Posted: Tue, 11 Feb 20, 00:40 am
by bernomatic
I sure hope it isn't too late, President Donald Trump is finally cleaning house at the White House.
News reports are out that he has been clearing out a lot of NSC staffers, at least 70, over this past weekend. Included are the two Vindman brothers, one of whom thought his foreign policy was more important than the President’s. Least anyone shed a tear for LTC Vindman, he is still in the, at the same rank and has not been fired as the media is trying to spin it, he has just been re-assigned from the White House. I've always felt this should have been one of the first areas that the President took care of when he took office. Having spooks who don't think the same way that you do can be very dangerous, as we have observed over this past 3 years.
According to articles President Trump and National Security Adviser, Robert O'Brien have removed 70 Obama holdovers from the NSC, which previously boasted a staff of roughly 200 people according to the Washington Examiner. Imagine having roughly 1/3 of the people that you trust, or are supposed to be able to trust, actually a holdover from your ex-wife’s entourage. Would you really expect your house to run smoothly?
I watched a YouTube video where the vlogger took a look at a recent PolitiFact article regarding a statement from President Trump. The article was in regard to speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi’s childish act of ripping up the state of the union speech after trump had finished. Trump had stated that the act was actually illegal and that she could be charged for doing it. PolitiFact rated it has pants on fire. The vlogger who happened to be a Canadian lawyer showed how PolitiFact manipulated their response to be able to rate it and that level. Even though there is a statute and a way of interpreting it that Lucy could be charged under. I'd also heard that trump went to one of the officials of the Congress who interprets the procedures and checked with him and was told that yes that was a chargeable offense. Not that anybody would ever charge anybody with it, unless they wanted to look as petty as the individual who did the ripping up of the speech, but no way should have been rated as pants on fire.
Whatever he does in the days leading to the upcoming election, at least hopefully we won't be hearing about it in the press before he announces things. I have been holding off saying anything regarding this presidency lately just because it just seems like it's always the same thing. no matter what he does well no matter where he makes improvements everybody just focuses the corrupt stuff.

#2 Re: Cleaning House

Posted: Tue, 11 Feb 20, 04:48 am
by bernomatic
The one thing I keep seeing in articles of a certain slant is that "... Colonel Vindman, who oversaw American policy toward Ukraine on the National Security Council staff." :arrow: lonk
LTC Vindman was not elected to his post in a general election, he was appointed. If, as he has demonstrated, he has qualms about the way that elected person is pursuing policy to the Ukraine, he should run for office with his opinions as his major platform plank.

This is ridiculous. In no other aspect would one team be expected, or worse yet, forced, to use members with sympathies loyal to their opponent in that team's planning and strategy sessions. Could you see Jim Harbaugh of the University of Michigan having scouts loyal to Ohio State's Ryan Day working for him? Or the Tide using an old Auborn place kicker to try for the game winning field goal? It just isn't done. Even if the suspect people are firmly trusted, if something goes awry (say a bad snap), would anyone be blamed for having a glimmer of doubt?

So lets stop the hypocrisy and get back to making this country great.