Speaking of humiliation....

What we have all come to expect and love/detest from our employees that ignore us
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#1 Speaking of humiliation....

Post by bernomatic » Fri, 27 Jan 17, 22:54 pm

In a segment Called Negotiation Humiliation by Lawrence O' Donnell on MSNBC, Mr. O'Donnell inquires of us if we are tired of winning yet. He then goes on to make the case that because President Trump has canceled his meeting with the Mexican president and because of some twitters back and forth that President Trump has been humiliated because he should be the all powerful American president and that basically the rest of the world is supposed to fall at our (his) feet and beg for just a little more. Supposedly this shows how inept The Donald is at negotiating and because Mexican President Peña Nieto isn't going to meet, Donald just puts on facades.

The whole thing reminds me of my wife, kinda. In defense of my wife, she is a lot prettier than Lawrence O'Donnell, probably a lot smarter (she's taking Calc 3 right now in college) and as much as she may belittle me in private, to the rest of the world I am THE MAN. You see, she will remember bad things that have happened in the past, that I have said or that other of my family members have told her. Those items come up in arguments over and over again. Including things that I have disproved (somehow she thinks that besides one other girl in high school, I did not have any other girlfriends).
Lawrence O'Donnell is just taking a look at what he deems is the bad news and reporting it with glee. You see, if Mr. O'Donnell would remember the good parts also, he might remember Donald Trump talking about one tactic to use in negotiations were you just walk out. That's right, you let the other side sweat a little or make them worry about not getting anything in a deal. If Mr. Trump doesn't meet with Mexican President Peña Nieto, could he just create all sorts of problems for Mexico? Who could last longer without the other's trade?

Imagine if you would, that both sides get all puffed up in ego and impose ludicrous tariffs on the other sides imports. Who could overcome it more readily? Could Mexico sell all those automobiles to China? Meanwhile in the states, we might have to actually increase production in Detroit.

The main thing to remember is that Trump is never in a hurry in his negotiations. He can build the wall and get the money to pay it back in due time... if the chattering classes would just shut up and allow him to work.
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