The Democratic Muslim Ban

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#1 The Democratic Muslim Ban

Post by bernomatic » Tue, 31 Jan 17, 01:13 am

In case you are one of those opposing the executive order regarding banning travel from various parts of the world and if you believe that it is President Trump who picked the countries, well then you have been taken in by the the chattering classes and those liberal progressive socialists who are targeting The United States because we are a wealthy country. You see because we are wealthy and didn't "build that", we are supposed to feel guilty and just let these "refugees come in and freeload off of our taxes. I think not.

If you want to learn who picked the countries and what this travel ban entails, and how President Trump pulled a fast one on the Democrats (because they are the ones who voted on and passed all the laws that President Trump is enforcing with his Executive order) watch one (or both) of these videos.

:arrow: Paul Joseph Watson-The Truth About Trump's 'Muslim Ban'
:arrow: Stefan Molyneux-What Pisses Me Off About President Trump's "Muslim Ban"
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