Working to reverse the WOTUS (Waters of the U.S.)

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#1 Working to reverse the WOTUS (Waters of the U.S.)

Post by bernomatic » Wed, 01 Mar 17, 01:40 am

President Trump signed an executive order today regarding the Water's of the U.S. rule.
President Trump’s executive order instructing the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers to reevaluate the Waters of the United States rule is welcomed news to property owners across the country—from farmers to families who want to use and enjoy their land as they see fit. WOTUS’ overreach is a perfect example of how Washington bureaucrats ignored the law and sought to expand their power while trampling on private property rights and state authority. Furthermore, the vast scope and vague nature of the rule undermined environmental protection itself. The executive order recognizes that the Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers need to develop a rule that is consistent with the law, provides regulatory clarity. and respects the role of states, which are in a much better position to identify their water quality concerns and identify solutions that best meet their specific needs.
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#2 Re: Working to reverse the WOTUS (Waters of the U.S.)

Post by luke strawwalker » Wed, 01 Mar 17, 04:55 am

Yeah, this one has had most folks in farm country sweating bullets for awhile already. Apparently WOTUS is SO overreaching that basically it would give EPA and the Corps of Engineers control over every cow track that held water after a rainstorm... It's REALLY ridiculous...

Sometimes I wonder what it's gonna take to get some of this stupidity under control... I think maybe, just maybe, people and the gubmint aren't gonna figure a damn thing out until they start going hungry...

When the finally bankrupt all the farmers and put them out of business (or nobody's stupid enough to do it anymore because of all the regulations and *oops you said word #2-poor income for your trouble) they'll probably start to figure it out... maybe...

Course they'll probably just cuss us all as a bunch of greedy bastards out to destroy the planet...

F*** 'em...

Later! OL J R :)

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