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#1 Today's Petitions, not what you think. A Public Service Announcement

Posted: Wed, 23 Aug 17, 03:13 am
by bernomatic
Not that we thought President Trump would sit down at night and read through petitions, noting who had signed it, At least however, he might note the idea behind the petition and the number of signatures. It turns out, at least according to a recent video I watched, that most, if not all of the petitions we get in our emails (and if you do as much searching and such as I do, the least little slip with an email address or most innocuous sign up on a political web page, and you're receiving daily, if not hourly emails) are created to get your name and email address. A minor secondary purpose is to start begging for money.

So, no matter how interested you are a item, beware of giving your email or as I have done, create a junk mail box email account. :lol: