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#11 Indestructible Rocketry parts, Good or bad?

Posted: Thu, 13 Sep 18, 21:59 pm
by Commander
I noticed this video on Facebook today.

VIDEO DELETED AT OWNERS REQUEST Sorry guys, the guy stomping on the tube was afraid that all of our membership might...? It was just the video of a leg basically stomping on a short section of fiberglass BT-60 which didn't crush.

So it seems like a lot of parts for hobby rocketry are getting stronger and stronger. Contrary to the general perception, that isn't a good thing in a lot of cases.

Like the smaller automobiles of the past 40 years or so, hobby rockets are meant to "crumble" or crush upon impact rather than remain intact. This is a safety feature. If anything untowards occurs in flight, there is no Range Safety Officer flipping a switch to self-destruct an errant rocket. With larger motors available, the risk to life and limb becomes even greater.
I remember hearing a story from many years ago how a model rocket manufacturer would launch a rocket against a plate glass window to show how the rocket, not the glass would break. This along with the professionally manufactured motor or engine, would prove how safe the hobby was.
While we do need strength in our building materials, a forethought must be given to whether that strength makes the item safer or more dangerous. With our hobby having it's first fatality at a launch in its 60 or so years, we need to keep an eye out for other "improvements" which might not be really what we want.

#12 Re: Indestructible Rocketry parts, Good or bad?

Posted: Sun, 16 Sep 18, 21:48 pm
by Rocket Babe
All I'm going to say is there used to be a thing called common sense :roll: but now common sense is a rare thing indeed and is considered by many as a superpower. :USA: