Ordering Engines from Amazon

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#1 Ordering Engines from Amazon

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Ordered some Estes engines through Amazon last week and they showed up this week. The order was some D12-0's for the Renegade Booster and some 1/2A-4T's for other uses. Everything came in a timely manner, but the items were split up into separate shipments. What gets me is the packaging that was used for each shipment.
Engine Shipment Packaging.JPG
Engine Shipment Packaging.JPG (102.82 KiB) Viewed 2949 times
On the left is the package with the D12-0's in it. It is your typical padded mailer. On the right is the package with the 1/2A3-4T's. It is nothing more than one of those cheap plastic mailers with no padding. The only thing keeping the green package from getting any abuse was the "Handle With Care" advisory seen clearly on the label. Now how many postal carriers actually take heed of that message?

I will be using thosee 1/2A's with trepidation. I'll also have to check who the distributor was and maybe not use them again.
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