California does it again!

Ways that our tax dollars are spent for good (really?) and for bad.
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#1 California does it again!

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On top of taxing land, buildings, businesses, income, transportation and the air we breathe, California wants to tax space travel.
Not satisfied with being the heaviest-taxed state in the nation, the clever folks at the Franchise Tax Board disclosed their intention to begin taxing the “Apportionment and Allocation of Income of Space Transportation Companies” under a new addition to the state tax collection enforce “Code of Regulations.”
According to the article, the state already has the highest collections in the nation, including taxing airplanes for the minutes that they travel in California air space.

The tax initially would only be imposed on companies doing business in California that get at least half of their revenue from space transportation, including out-of-state companies launching at Vandenburg.

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#2 Re: California does it again!

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The dhimmicraps are bound and determined to turn California into a third world hellhole.
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