Andromeda decals details

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#1 Andromeda decals details

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As many may know here and on YORF, one of my favorite Estes rockets is the USS Andromeda. Recently I inquired over on YORF if anyone had the original decals for this rocket, and if so would they mind posting a pic with some sort of color chart visible. I mentioned that I was thinking of screen printing the decals and wanted to get a closer match of the orange parts than were available elsewhere as with the screen printing I could match the color better than any copier/printer could (orange being one of those colors printers have troubles getting right).

Well I got no pics, but I did get a response from Gordy of Excelsior that he had an Andromeda in the kits he was selling for someone, but it was in a high box number (he was selling the kits as they had been stored in numbered containers). I settled in for the wait. Little did I know that Gordy would decide to pull that kit and put it up for sale (at a steep but fair price).

The package arrived yesterday.
101_0654.JPG (224.93 KiB) Viewed 1618 times
Without opening the package, I compared the orange I mixed for some Estes Astro Decals I printed (which I assumed used close to the same color) . I was close, if not a bit darker on the Astro decals which color I matched from an online picture supplied by another YORFer (John Brohm I think).
101_0657.JPG (604.03 KiB) Viewed 1618 times
After I print a few sets in orange, I'm thinking of maybe doing a different color scheme.
USS Andromeda
USS Andromeda
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