Suspended for marijuana use? What about our VP?

What we have all come to expect and love/detest from our employees that ignore us
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#1 Suspended for marijuana use? What about our VP?

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It seems the Biden administration is showing non-tolerance to any staffers who admitted to marijuana use on their applications.
The Biden Administration has suspended dozens of young White House staffers for past marijuana use that the administration had previously said would not disqualify them from their positions, according to a Thursday report.

The Daily Beast reported that affected staffers were “suspended, asked to resign, or placed in a remote work program,” according to three people familiar with the matter who spoke on condition of anonymity.
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And because Marijuana use is still federally illegal, it doesn't matter if they used in one of the states where it is legal.

However, in a show of typical political hypocritical behavior, Kamala Harris is still Vice President, even though she admitted to using the wild weed on the air. video

I have held my tongue on this new administrations other hypocritical actions so far, but this one really is over the top. I am not a smoker of the wacky tobacco :O~, but I haven't berated any I know who have smoked it. Other than my children, I don't lecture about whether it's a good idea or not and since they are all over the age of majority now, I would only frown at them if I found out they were inhaling :~x): .
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