Shooting in Titusville, Florida

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#1 Shooting in Titusville, Florida

Post by bernomatic » Wed, 08 Aug 18, 02:21 am

Wait, What? You didn't hear about this? Of course not. In other instances, a shooting incident would be spread across the airwaves from coast to coast. By now, three days later, David Hogg and his Hoggettes would be calling for the outlawing of any and all weapons to "save the kids". Well here's something a little noteworthy. Besides happening in a park full of children at a back to school event, there was only one individual sent to the hospital with injuries. The original shooter.

Before the miscreant could cause any widespread grief, a bystander legally carrying a concealed firearm dropped him with a headshot and sent him to the hospital, thus denying the rabid MSM anything they would consider newsworthy.

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#2 Re: Shooting in Titusville, Florida

Post by Joe Wooten » Sun, 19 Aug 18, 12:35 pm

Here's the next target for the Hoggettes.....


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