Associated Press Spreads Fake News: Trump Kids Received Birthright Citizenship

Politicians and the press rarely look for the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth anymore. Here are stories which will be remembered (incorrectly) for a long time.
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#1 Associated Press Spreads Fake News: Trump Kids Received Birthright Citizenship

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In what is yet another example of the garbage fire the establishment media have become in the age of Trump, the AP originally published the story with the headline, “President Trump’s First 3 Children Received Birthright Citizenship.”
According to the Daily Wire, under that fake news headline, the botched AP story opened with this: “CLAIM: Ivana Trump wasn’t a citizen until 1988. She gave birth to Don Jr. in 1977, Ivanka in 1981 and Eric in 1984. Therefore they received birthright citizenship, which Trump wants to end.”

To make matters worse, the AP wrote the article as part of a fact checking agreement with Facebook, and in doing so, spread the bald-faced lie that Trump’s oldest children were granted birthright citizenship.

Eventually, the AP corrected its headline. It now reads, “President Trump’s first 3 children did not receive birthright citizenship.”

A correction noting the mistake was added in the piece, but…

Still, in its so-called fact check, rather than correctly label the claim that Trump’s oldest children received birthright citizenship as false (which it objectively is), the far-left AP said it is a “mixture” of fact and fiction:

AP’S ASSESSMENT: Mixture. It’s true that Ivana Trump was not a citizen until 1988, but the father of her children was a U.S. citizen and there would have been no special status needed to make them citizens.

This, of course, is a lie. When Trump’s first three children were born, Trump was a U.S. citizen, therefore his children are U.S. citizens — which means his children are U.S. citizens, period. There is no mixed assessment of that fact.

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