Letter to my Senators about the border

What we have all come to expect and love/detest from our employees that ignore us
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#1 Letter to my Senators about the border

Post by Commander » Thu, 14 Mar 19, 00:11 am

Maybe by not putting it in the divisive terms the media wants to focus on, I can get it through to the two knucklehead Senators from Ohio that we need a strong southern border.

Here's the message I sent to the contact forms on their web pages:
Whether or not you support our president, you should support the people protecting and guarding our borders.
A whole generation was taught, to our peril, to hate our military men and women in the sixties. We now look back at that time with regret and guilt. Let's not repeat history, let's learn from it. Support our border agents and ICE agents in keeping these United States safe. Give them the infrastructure, tools and funds they are asking us for so that they can do their job.

Make it in support of our fellow Americans doing a tough job on the border, not what the President wants.
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