We Are Going - latest NASA propaganda film

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#1 We Are Going - latest NASA propaganda film

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The moon to stay by 2024? about time. :USA:
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#2 Re: We Are Going - latest NASA propaganda film

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Sounds good but with a Congress in charge of the purse strings that cannot even accept the results of an election three years ago, and that's more interested in leaving our borders unprotected from millions of illegal aliens and intent on buying they're votes with limitless freebies paid for by spending the nation's treasurer to the point we've mortgaged the future of the nation itself, I don't see it...

If only space was as easy as making PR blurbs and PowerPoints... "PRP" I call it... Pretty rocket porn...

Let's just say I'll believe it when I see it...

Later! OL J R
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#3 Re: We Are Going - latest NASA propaganda film

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What better way to work around a Congress that that wants to drag its feet. Outsource the work. :shock:

At first I thought this was referring to the programs for private company contracts, :o nope, I was wrong. When the United States :USA: put a man on the moon, Buzz Aldrin spoke of how on the Apollo 11 crew's tour, he would hear people in other countries shout "we made it". Basically they were cheering the fact that mankind had made it to the moon. This then becomes a chance, with the United States leading the way, for a lot of those countries to help pony up on the initial investment.

One last thing. If you think Mr. Trump is going to let China on its own set up shop on the moon before us, you really haven'y learned much about 45 since he was elected. :USA: :USA:
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