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What we have all come to expect and love/detest from our employees that ignore us
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I did something today I haven't done in a long time. I visited Facebook. It hasn't changed much.

In a response to a post by Nick Viggiano on facebook. a certain Barbara replied:
Meanwhile he rolls back environmental protections, separates children from their mothers, sends billions in arms to the Saudis who chopped a reporter to pieces and are committing genocide in Yemen, while enriching himself and his family.
I post my response here for posterity:

Barbara, he is rolling back provisions in the EPA which stole rights from the individual and gave more power to the government. This stolen rights had been affirmed over the decades by courts and laws. Starting in the 1990's, the EPA having done a great job getting our country back on a better track regarding our environment, decided that they needed more to justify their continuing existence and to attain more power in a power hungry swamp known as Washington D.C. This power grab had made it possible for the federal government to exert control over property you "owned" just because of a heavy rainstorm, for one example.
He is trying to affirm the individual citizen's rights by making citizenship mean something rather than just a title assumed by someone who crosses a river. Those rights of citizenship are EARNED either by the LAWFUL immigrant or handed down as a blessing from a Citizen to their offspring. This is not something just handed out like a trophy at youth baseball. Yes, he DID (past tense), as other presidents before him, separating the CRIMINAL from the minor child when they cross the border ILLEGALLY. This does not occur to the families seeking asylum in the LEGAL way (arriving at a port of entry and requesting asylum). I understand you have sympathy for these poor people who through no fault of their own have been born in a underdeveloped nation, but recall that this land we call the United States was an undeveloped country at one point in time. It has become a shining light of a beckon to the rest of the world through the hard work of forefathers. It will be maintained through hard work and toil, not by grifters with so little respect for our laws that they feel entitled to just cheat the system and enjoy the fruits of others labors (our taxes).

And while he may have been president while congress sent billions to the Saudi's, it wasn't a middle of the night transfer of 1.7 billion cash transfer to Iran, who of course (warning sarcasm ahead) have never financed the killing of anyone by beheading or other means.
As to the enriching himself, I think that was kinda covered elsewhere, but here is food for thought. The president is limited to terms of office, a total of eight years. Congress has no such limitations, congress also has no such limitations on insider trading as you and I do. Congress makes rules it does not have to follow which assists its members in being able to financially enrich themselves for DECADES. (please support term limits)

In conclusion Barbara, I have here taken the time and effort to give you a minimum enlightenment on those areas for which you have condemned this president. I have not even touched on those areas where he has assisted in making things better for those citizens less privileged or with other problems. All of this while dealing with a swamp that wants him gone because he is upsetting the money changers tables in Washington DC. (no, I am not trying to compare him to Jesus, but the analogy still holds)

I rarely take the time to respond on Facebook at such length as this conversation will be lost to time in the matter of minutes (I am sure you have more than likely gone on already to view the little ones or a pet). However I have a forum, which Nick knows about, called the Sagitta Cantina. It was created for model rocketry and discussing politics. If you would like your thoughts maintained for posterity and wish to continue this discussion in a civilized (or non-civilized) manner, I invite you to stop by.
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