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#1 More proof against guncontrol

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One of the most pernicious myths that continues to assault pro second amendment advocates, is the fallacy that in areas where there is strict gun control in the United States, the reason that there is still such high gun related crime numbers is because it is too easy for gun runners to smuggle guns into that jurisdiction across state, or community lines. If we look at Britain, however, the entire country has espoused some of the strictest regulations on gun control. Yet, even though it is gun free, Britain had nearly 10,000 gun crimes committed in one year.
“The number of gun crimes committed in the United Kingdom has increased by 27 per cent in five years and the number of firearms seized has quadrupled, despite the country having some of the strictest gun control laws in the world.”
As even a blind mole can see, this definitely puts to bed the gun control activist myth that the reason gun control laws don’t work in the United States, is due to the ease with which a firearm can be smuggled across state lines. I am sorry to have to state this, but the current education system makes it necessary. The United Kingdom is composed of two islands, bodies of land surrounded by water.
According to the Breitbart article, the smugglers in Britain are bringing the guns in mostly from Eastern Europe. The gun control activist solution is of course, to call for more gun control, reaching across the rest of the world, because in their dream world, that would end any smuggling. If a country such as the United Kingdom, totally surrounded by water, cannot guard effectively against the smuggling of firearms into the country, how can such a country as the United States?
If we have learned one thing from the United States’ tryst with the prohibition of alcohol in the 1930’s, it's that trying to prohibit or ban an item only makes it more lucrative for criminals to sell the item. If we ban firearms nationwide all we will do is make it more lucrative for smugglers to bring in such weapons. Another result will be that the common law-abiding person will have no effective means to protect themselves against a criminal with an illegal weapon.
An additional lesson we can learn from the Brits is in regard to the “slippery slope”. In the City of London, England, with a mayor who is a very proactive gun control advocate, there has been a dramatic increase in knife attacks. Thus, they have gone to the extreme of suggesting that there should be knife control. Seriously they suggest that there should be a ban on the carrying of all knives in the City of London. To what extreme would they be willing to go to try to alleviate their problems with items, will we see a rock ban in the near future? Will they never understand? It is not the item that creates the problem it is the individual.
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