Space Force gets its first cadets from the Air Force Academy

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#1 Space Force gets its first cadets from the Air Force Academy

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We have liftoff: Space Force gets its first cadets from the Air Force Academy as it charts the future of space ops
by Jamie McIntyre
| April 17, 2020 07:08 AM

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DAWN OF A NEW SERVICE: Once just a twinkle in President Trump’s eye, the United States Space Force will welcome more than 85 newly commissioned second lieutenants, who graduate from the Air Force Academy tomorrow, six weeks early due to the coronavirus-shortened academic year.

Friends and family will have to watch via livestream and Facebook and will not be allowed on the Colorado Springs campus for the historic event, which marks the graduation of the first cadets to earn their degrees in space operations.
Now don't get me me wrong, I'm all for the Space Force becoming an equal and important branch of the United States military, but I have to question the validity of the initial corp of cadets becomes officers with a degree in " space operations" as suggested in the article (We have liftoff-Washington Examiner).
A link in the article takes us to the United States Space Command webpage and an article by a public affairs officer pertaining to "Undergraduate Space Training evolves to tackle space threats". Now I know our military has utilized "90 day wonders" before in the officer corps, but it is almost always seen as a derisive appellation. Not a very auspices beginning for our newest military branch. :(
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